Born in 2002 with the desire of bringing together the exquisite italian taste with the creativity and vitality typical of Brazil, Alta Maré produces and distributes bikini’s and women’s clothing offering a summer total look with great character, fashionable and always up to date with the latest trends.
Alta Maré’s collections are made for women who are aware of their charm and who love to enhance their femininity.
Keywords that guide all collections are a specific care for details so to always have an elegant result, this is possible thanks to an attentive study of the moment’s fashion trends.
Accessories and embroideries, all handmade, finish off each garment enhancing its elegance and uniqueness. All materials are carefully chosen not only for their aspect, but also for their quality. Each product’s singularity is ensured by the craftsmanship’s care and mastery.
Each year Alta Marè presents a new collection, always offering bikini’s that match the clothing and that are made to be worn not only at the beach but in every occasion. Flowy fits that accompany any woman in her daily activities, from the first lights of dawn to fun evening parties.
A total look thought for the best season of the year… Summer!